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Elizabeth Stewart

From No Experience To Hospitality Resourcer In Less Than A Year…

Hi, my name’s Elizabeth and I moved to London from the Gold Coast in Australia last September looking for new opportunities and just to see where life took me.

I initially took on work as a nanny when I first arrived but by December my contract was up and I was searching for something new.

I stumbled across an ad for events staff on Indeed and although I had absolutely zero experience in hospitality I decided to apply.  I was contacted very quickly by a fellow Aussie named Jade who invited me for an interview and induction at Class 1’s Hammersmith office.

At the interview, I must admit that I was slightly disappointed to discover that the entire (slightly more glamorous) front of house positions had been taken, but Jade informed me that if I wanted to start to work the very next day I could take on the role as a kitchen porter at Chelsea Football Club.

Apprehensively I agreed but was expecting it to be just awful and slightly gross if I’m honest, however, I can honestly say that I had an amazing time at Chelsea, the head chef was a delight and although the work was hard, it kept me busy and I met some great people.

Over the next three to four months I took on a variety of front of house roles at various exciting events such as Royal Ascot, Olympia and Cheltenham Racecourse and had a truly wonderful time.  The work environment is always buzzing and you get a real sense of being part of something bigger.

I also won Class 1’s employee of the month award for my hard work and received a £25.00 voucher of my choice.

In April I was very happy to be asked to join the Class 1 team in Hammersmith and took on the role of hospitality resourcer.  It’s incredible to think that less than a year ago I had zero experience in the industry and now I’m part of the hospitality recruitment team here.  I love my job and I still get loads of opportunity to go out on site and embrace the always exciting atmosphere, and also love the prospect of climbing the ranks of the recruitment career ladder.