Book Your Hospitality Shift

If you are new to agency working or to Class 1 Personnel then there are some easy to follow steps to booking shifts that can be followed. The following steps will help you to book jobs and manage your bookings.

Book Your Shifts Here

  1. Get to know the Class 1 booking team. If you are new to Class 1 then regular contact by phone and onsite with our consultants is important. We need to get to know you as you do us. As you gain experience with our sites and clients you’ll quickly work out the most suitable venues for your skillset. Regular communication with our consultants will help us understand and offer you the most suitable venues.
  2. Update and manage your availability online. This is the first port of call for our consultants and we start by offering work to those that have tagged themselves as available online. 
  3. Cancellations – It is important to cancel shifts in the correct way. Not-showing up on the day endangers contracts and work for our hard-working staff. To cancel you will need to call the office and speak to a consultant – this must be done at least the day before your booked shift. Once you have cancelled a shift please log-in online to check the shift has been removed from your jobs section.