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What to look forward to in 2023 in recruitment


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We’ve heard a lot of doom and gloom about the recession causing businesses to take a cautionary approach and cease hiring but that is certainly not what we’re seeing so far. The major difference between this and previous recessions is that unemployment is still very low and the economic inactivity rate continues to rise, meaning there are far fewer people in the jobs market. People are also changing jobs more often than they did in the past so there continue to be a great deal of movement within the market.

Candidate motivators have changed since the pandemic, with priorities now more holistic. Companies that offer a good work/life balance and body and mind health initiatives are attracting far more candidates than those that offer a pool table in the office, a fancy coffee machine, and free drinks Fridays. Most of the clients Class 1 Personnel work with are aware of this fact and provide a good work-life balance, holiday pay and also offer perks like temp of the month to deserving and hardworking candidates.

It’s clear that flexibility is what employers need to be offering in order to attract talented candidates in 2023, whether that’s in terms of hours, location or contract type. The news that flexibility rights are set to change in the UK, giving workers the right to request flexibility from the first day of their job, highlights its heightened importance. This incredible desire for flexibility in a role provides an opportunity for employers and recruiters to capture that huge marketplace of people looking for job flexibility.

The end result is that thousands of businesses are massively understaffed, especially in areas such as Hospitality, Health & Nursing, and Public Sector. This is something that we at Class 1 Personnel experience first hand. All our clients are hiring at record rates as the hospitality and industry sectors are functioning like pre-covid times. Hence, there is always scope for good, talented and efficient temps who can create value for our clients.

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