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Top Tips For Virtual Interview Success

Virtual Interview

Rosie Keane

In these unprecedented times more and more companies are relying on online tools to hire and interview potential employees. For some of us who are familiar with online communication tools, this may not impose too much of a problem but for others the thought of a virtual interview is terrifying!

The good news is that it’s not difficult to build virtual interviewing skills. Whether you’re confident in your abilities or need some tips to boost your performance, this guide will get prepared to overcome the challenges of virtual interviewing so you can go confidently into any interview.  

In other words: your ability to land a job in 2020 may largely depend more on your ability to navigate a webcam than a CV. 

Here’s how to get started with your preparation for your next virtual interview!

Top Tips

Consider how you feel, not how you look
You’ve probably read a million and a half articles about “dressing for success”, but what you’re wearing says a lot less about you than how you feel in what you’re wearing. If a full suit topped off with bunny slippers makes you feel ready, we say go for it.

Choose a location where you feel confident

What matters is that you pick a space where you know you can be as free from distractions as possible,  so if that means sitting in your driveway, taking an interview in your car, that’s more than ok as long as you have the space to feel comfortable.

Get your hotspot ready

Wifi is so important! Of course, things happen, and we’ve all gotten frozen in one meeting or another, but a bad internet connection can disrupt the natural flow of an interview. Making sure you test your internet and come prepared with a back-up plan can help curtail any potential internet mishaps during your interview.

Conduct a pre-interview Q&A with yourself

When you’ve got your eye set on a job, it can be difficult to distinguish what you want from what you think they want to hear. Having an honest check-in with yourself can be helpful before you start considering the “correct” response.

Ask about the things you’re not seeing

There’s a lot about a company you miss when you don’t get the chance to visit the office. Small indicators like how employees interact with one another and how you are received when you wait for your interview can be deal makers or breakers. You may need to ask additional questions to build a picture of the aspects of the company that you aren’t getting a chance to see.

Bearing these tips in mind will help you to deliver your best possible interview and hopefully land you the job! Good luck and don’t forget to check out all of our current vacancies here.