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How To Improve Your Skills As A Recruitment Consultant

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Recruitment consultant roles are generally open to most applicants, as rather than specific qualifications, employers typically value drive, experience, skills and abilities as well as the determination to succeed. Being a Recruitment Consultant is all about making sales and connecting people, and although most consultants already come to the role with a range of the necessary skills (great communication etc.) it's important to review which of these skills are most valuable to recruitment consultancy so we can work nurturing and developing them further in order to ensure a successful career. 


Valuable Skill No.1: The Ability To Build Trust

Trust is built by being authentic, genuine and the ability to build rapport with both clients and candidates. How do we do this? The answer is in being honest but diplomatic, always being responsive, keeping to tasks and appointments and always being prepared and planning ahead.  It sounds simple but how often have you put off having a difficult conversation because the news might be deemed negative? The key is in not only talking the talk but walking the walk, or in other words be reliable, be responsive and put the action in! Be real, not a robot!  Consistency is key.  If you do what you say, when you say it you will exercise consistency and therefore create a reliable reputation.  


Valuable Skill No.2: Embrace Technology

Technology is advancing faster than ever before and although it's impossible to keep up with every trend and know how to use every piece of software it's vital that recruiters utilise technology.  Have a busy schedule with lots on your to-do list? Try an app like  Have lots of meetings to organise? Try getting to grips with Google Calendar. Not getting a good candidate response from your usual outlets? Get hunting on LinkedIn.  It's important not to get overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of technologies available, so try mastering one at a time to help streamline your recruitment process.


Valuable Skill Number No.3: Write Excellent Job Ads

Sounds easy right? Think of a title, say what the role entails, tell them the hours and give them a rough salary... simple! Except no, there's so much more to it than that.  Is the title a keyword which is likely to be picked up in search engines? Are you guilty of just rejigging the same old job spec expecting to appeal to a range of fresh candidates?  Recent research has shown that although salary and location are important to job seekers, the most attractive feature is company culture, so be detailed about the pros of what the employer environment can offer.  The best way to advertise the role you are recruiting for? Do your research! Don't be afraid to ask the client questions about the role they are trying to fill, it'll save time and money in the long run.  When writing try to keep it simple, avoid jargon and be personable, too much detail without any personality can make a job seem unattainable. 

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