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4 Reasons Why Businesses Love Recruitment Agencies


Rosie Keane client

Why use a recruitment agency to find staff?

Hiring can be time-consuming and expensive - and that's just if the process goes smoothly. 

There are a number of reasons why an employer may decide to outsource their hiring process, but the main benefits that a recruitment agency provides to businesses are:

  1. Market Knowledge

Recruitment agencies spend all day, every day, working in your sector, and the best have years of experience in gaining valuable sector-specific industry insights which can be used to benefit your business.


  1. Extended Reach

Agencies have spent a vast amount of time building a fully vetted pool of experienced staff and therefore have access to the candidates you won’t find on job boards and other outlets.

  1. Time Saver


As we all know, time is one of the most precious commodities we have and a recruitment agency can save you days of time spent sifting through applications, meaning the right candidates reach you quicker.  They can also manage all administration and payroll, meaning you won’t have to.


  1. Money Saver

Recruitment agencies spend thousands a month on advertising and job boards, giving them the monopoly on premium site features that smaller employers won’t necessarily have access to.

Many recruiters offer some form of sector-specific in-house training or induction, meaning you as an employer won’t have to foot the bill.


Recruiters can also supply short notice temp staff for your busiest periods.  Temp-hire through an agency is far cheaper than requiring regular staff to work overtime and can also boost team morale by reducing the risk of overwork.


The key to any successful recruitment process is finding the right recruitment agency for you. Regardless of your needs though, whether you're looking for staff or that next step on the career ladder, agencies offer a valuable service that can help you reach your short and long-term business goals.